Sweetwater Stables offers a variety of services to suit each horse and rider’s individual needs.  For a full comprehensive list of all of our offered services please stop by the office at Sweetwater or give Lucy a call.



We have a comprehensive training program tailored to each individual horse/rider to best suit their needs. This can involve a variation of services ranging from professional rides and tune-ups, full training, or a combination or professional training and lessons.


Lessons are offered for children and adults at all levels. Many of our lessons are given in small groups because we have found that riders learn faster when they are in a group where they can watch and learn from their peers. We have lesson instructors specializing in different levels of riding. For more information about our trainers please visit our Trainers section. SWS has a limited number of lesson horses that are available for the more beginner riders interested in riding at a lower level and showing in local schooling shows. Tack is provided for the lesson horses, but it is recommended that you have your own saddle if you decide to commit to a more serious lesson program.

Riders coming for lessons must be dressed to ride. We request that you do not wear sandals or tank-tops for safety reasons.

You Will Need:

ATSM Certified Riding Helmet

Riding Pants or Jeans

Paddock Boots and Half Chaps or Field Boots

Shirt with SLEEVES